Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What's up with the bottle???

When feeding Jase at church or in a public place I always get some mom,grandma, or women come up to me and ask " Thats an odd bottle, what is that?" I then go into a long memorized speech about the bottles I use. I just recently started exclusive formula with Jase because I was pregnant and thought to myself, I really need a break with breast feeding. As you know a couple weeks later I miscarried our sweet little baby. Although I know God has a plan I hated I stopped breast feeding. I am a strong promoter of breast feeding , but that's another post..lol
These are the awesome bottles I use. They are called tommee yippee. These bottles are suggested for mothers that are switching from breast to bottle, which is awesome. Jase took right to this bottle. They are also BPA free. Which basically means no harmful chemicals. Also for you green moms these bottles can be recycled, which is truly green!!!

Also the specific bottles I use from them have a anti-colic reducer built in. Granted Jase is over that stage it still is a awesome accessory. As well as the built in thermometer. If the contents exceeds 98 degrees the color changes from blue to red, which in my opinion is a awesome feature

To keep bragging on this bottle. It has a unique shape which helps mom be closer to baby when feeding as well as baby is more pro-active in holding it.  But the most AWESOME feature is that most of the bottles are 9oz. So the same bottle you feed your newborn with my 8 month old drinks out of. So it is deffinitley long lasting. 

This brand is now ranging out on there products. Not only do they have bottles, but dippy cups, spoons, breast pumps, bottle warmers. I feel like every month I see something new. My son has the bottles, dippy cup ( with no handles) , spoons, and pacifiers. Which I love!!! Have I mentioned I love there products. Lol.  So these are the bottles my family uses, have any great bottles you lie ? Let me know. Have any questions? Comment below!! Wanna buy these products?? Visit http://www.tommeetippee.us/department/baby-bottles/
This is sweet baby Jase holding his own bottle, going night-night with his tommee tippee bottle (:

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