Saturday, February 22, 2014

Get ready for summer!!

So today was a awesome day !! The sun was out, I took Jase on a nice walk in his awesome little car he loves !!!
This is the little car Jase has !! Obviously not the exact one because I'm sitting in bed and too lazy to get up. But seriously today was a great day. Onward from this, my dear friend K inspired me to get to thinking about this up coming spring. The dreaded two words. SPRING CLEANING. 

But I'm ready and going to get on the grind. I've been looking a round for some good spring cleaning list and organizing skills. I've also stumbled upon the natural cleaner band wagon. Which I may just jump on. We still will have to see (: but here are a couple things y'all can look forward to seeing in the next couple of weeks !!

Also what comes after spring, SUMMER, SUMMER, summer, did I mention summer??? So with that said I can't wait to do a post on summer swimwear. Which I recently just found the most modest and cutest swimwear ever. From dainty jewels, so don't forget to keep looking for this summer swimwear !!!!

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