Wednesday, February 5, 2014

10 things to know before you conceive.

I remember the first couple of months of my pregnancy through post partum I thought why didn't I know this before I got pregnant. So here are the top 10 things you should know before you conceive

1.) Motherhood is a tough job - I'm not discouraging pregnancy at all but more often than not I see teenagers, and frankly immature women thinking motherhood is easy. There wrong! It's a full time job. But I promise you it is most deffinitley the best job any women could have

2.) Your body will change- No matter what body shape you have it is made to change, that is the beauty of pregnancy and womenhood. Many wome find there self depressed about body changes and such but that's what we are made for. God intended on it being this way 

3.) Your marriage will change- not negatively, but most certainly change. You find yourself now spending a lot of time together, talking with each other and enjoying each other's company. But when a baby arrives conversations change from what movie to watch, to what stroller to by. Quality time is finally getting to lay down for the night. It is truly an amazing experience but different 

4.) People will say the weirdest things- I truly believe I got my feelings hurt so many times during my pregnancy,plus I was extra hormonal lol. I remember when a church member asked me if I was having twins when I was 7 months pregnant. No. No I'm not 

5.) There are a million ways to have a baby- I rember reading about all the different birthplans women had. There are different positions to labor in, different medicines, different doctors, different places to have the baby. Before conceiving I thought you just showed up and pushed quiet frankly. 

6.) You must have tough skin - I could not tell you all the people that wanted to give me advice and tell me how to do things with my child.  I know deep inside they had good intentions but to me it just broke me apart. So you have to be ready for all the rude comments. 

7.)  You have to stand strong- Once you and your husband make a decision about how you are going to raise or do something with your child, stick to it. People will try to talk you out of anything, because it wasn't the way they did it. As long as it works and pleases God then so be it. 

8.) You will have to sacrifice- Not only your time but your self.  I had this notion that my baby was going to be such a good sleeper that I could pamper myself while he slept. NOT. Your going to be sleepy, stinky, crazy hair , but it's okay. That's motherhood , and really the greatest part. 

9.) No baby is like the one in your books- I read every article, book, blog that I could about being a first time mother. The things I needed, how I should start early with a schedule. Blah blah blah. Your baby is unique and you are going to have to find out what works. Do not be set in any way

10.) You are host to a miracle- You will truly know the feeling of this until after your pregnancy. It is amazing how you can nurture and grow this sweet little innocent child from inside of you. I tell people constantly how if you do not believe in God, have a child then you will

11.) I know I said 10 but man this is just eating at. You do not have to be rich and have everything in order to have a child. I hear so many people say we want to wait till we are financially stable. Your wrong. God will provide, I'm proof. My husband is a pastor like seriously. 

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