Monday, February 17, 2014

Teething miracle!!!

So jase has just cut two more teeth !!!!! So that's a total of 4 little toothies(: ( all are on the bottom. )

So he was eating lunch, we'll he is eat lunch. I'm writing this as he eats and I have found a brilliant idea. 

I bought these little guys...

Originally for a chicken meal I make often. But I decided to give them to jase. The are really skinny, and I gave one to him chilled, straight from the fridge 

He obviously loved it!!!  But he really wasn't eating it. He chewed on it more. I'm sure it felt great in his gums plus it wasn't a sugary cracker or cookie like so many teething biscuits. 

Once he was kind of done with that I heated a couple up in the microwave with a little water, steaming them. 

I just heated them for a minute, then rinsed with cool water stopping the cooking and cooling them for jase. Them I have a couple to him. 

Once again he lived them. And these , the steamed carrots, are a lot easier for him to actually eat but still crisp for him to chew. 

I thought it was pretty neat I discovered this. Do y'all have any tricks like these ?? Let me know I would love to hear !!!

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