Monday, February 3, 2014

Couponing 101

Contrary to other sites and opinions , becoming a Couponer does not happen over night, it is truly a life change. I started couponing as a way to help my family save on monthly expenses then it developed Into a hobby 
 I'm going to slowly introduce the ' lifesyle' of couponing. There are many ways to aquire coupons. Such as 1. Newspaper inserts. Usually your local Sunday paper has on average 2-4 inserts a week. 2. Printable coupons. These coupons are slowly dwindling down due to misuse. Although they are still great when used. The best website I have found for printable coupons is There is a limit of two same coupons per device. 3. Peelies, tearpads, and blinkies. These coupons can not be bought or printed. Peelies are coupons found on items you can just peel off. Even though you find these in the store they are still considered manufactor coupons. Tearpads are usually found on a display at stores or convenience counters. Anode blinkies those are the little machines you find through out your store. 4. In-store coupons. These coupons are found in- obviously but most of the time can only be used at that specific store. Such as Publix, has a flyer with I store coupons. 
Some stores let you stack coupons. This term is broad but basically means you can use a manufactors coupon, so numbers 1,2,3 and a in-store coupon together on the same item. Although some stores do not let you stack coupons. 
So that's how you can find coupons, just the 1st page in this great novel. I plan on breaking down specific words and there meanings in the coupon world along with store policies and transactions. But let's just let that sink in first. Haha. If you have specific questions , or comments just comment below and I will respond through a post if I find it a large question or through comment. PLEASE!! Do not let couponing discourage you. You can do it, and you can save your family money(:

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