Friday, February 14, 2014

Baby led weaning.

I have literally wrote this post three times, and have accidentally deleted it every time. Hopefully this time it's a success!!!!  

So I want to start out and say I am not super liberal or go against any guidelines but this post does go against the aap guidelines for children. You might love it. You might hate it. 

So let's gets started on baby led weaning. A.K.A. BLW. 

BLW is basically giving your child foods that are not neccisarly in a jar, but soft palatable table foods from the beginning. Hopefully that didn't sound like I was talking about the family dog
So basically as soon as I found that my son had an interest in food, I supplied the need. Haha. 
Something's to look at to know your child is ready

Reaching or grabbing for food on your plate. 

Staring at you while eating 

Making noises or camotion to get your attention for food. 

So once yo have witnessed your child's readiness, you might wonder why is this method better than others 

1.) Your child eats what you eat. No buying separate baby food, investing in a new purée machine. It's simply putting food from your plate to there's. 

2.) Your child can control what they eat. There is no guessing game of " do they like this?" They can feel that out for them selfs. Plus they control there intake. So no over eating or forcing your child to eat what they don't want. 

3.) Babies will establish great eating habits. They will be use to foods that have different taste and textures. They learn how to actually eat like a human. To chew , not just swallow there food. They have already established great hand cordnation to feed. It's awesome!!!' 

4.) No batteries included. Haha okay kinda funny. But still you don't have to carry around all those spoons, and jars. You don't have to wonder should I refrigerate this, has it been left out to long. 

So we started Jase around 4 months. Now this is not the same for every child. DO NOT. I REPEAT DO NOT be discouraged if your child is not showing signs of readiness. It will come. Every child develops differently. 

At 6 months. He was starting to learn how to self feed. I could put small things down and was confident he could do it. Which is awesome for a parent. You have so much love and appreciation for your child when they learn to do this 

Jase is 8 months now and eats almost everything!!! Except mashed potatoes. I know it's weird. But hey. He doesn't like them. 

 Excuse those cereal treats. I do believe that's capt'n crunch. Hahah. That was his treat for being a big boy. 

He was eating eggs though for breakfast, and sipping on some water. This are some foods Jase loves and I would suggest for your child. 

Corn ( on the cob or whole kernel) 
Steamed carrots

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