Saturday, February 22, 2014

Things they don't tell pregnant women

I remember going to the hospital, being pregnant and thinking " when I leave I'm going to be the perfect mom". Well I think I'm a perfect mom. Lol. Just not the way I planned on it. Many things change for a women after giving birth. Physically and mentally. I'm going to be honest and tell you the things people don't tell you about after giving birth.

My labor was awesome, I really couldn't have dreamed for it to be any better. I was in labor for about 9 hours, I was induced which helped a lot with speed I guess. So your birth experience may alter a little due to your labor experience. So just feel it out.

  • After you have your baby, your still fat. This may be different for some people but not for me. I still looked 6 months pregnant stomach wise. Plus they are pumping so much fluid in you that you sort of resemble a tomato. Don't worry. It will be fine. Tip: As soon as you feel comfortable to ,strap a girdle on. No joke. It helps the skin to tighten up faster and makes you feel better. I absolutely swear by this. It really helped me a lot. 
  • Your body is beyond sore. I had a medicated birth, so some people say the epidural changes this, I'm not really sure. I'll let you know my next birth haha. I did not plan on being so sore. It's okay for you to need help to get out of bed or sit down. Do not !!! Be afraid to ask for help. That was one of my biggest mistakes 
  • You bleed. Okay I guess this is obvious and a little gross but it's beyond true. Who knew you could bleed that much and long and still live. Lol. I bleed for about 6 weeks which is longer than usual but be prepared. It's okay though you can do it !!!
  • Your leaky. This was an understatement for me. I had a rare problem, and really over produced. But even for normal producing moms you are gonna leak. Bring a couple bras, and don't be embarrassed. TV seems to make this whole experience seem like none of this happens, but they lie (: 
There are many tips and little tricks I picked up on after the whole post pardum experience.

  1. Do not leave the hospital with out the squirt bottle. Seriously this thing will be your best friend when you have to go potty. It's awesome. You fill it with warm water and spray while you go potty. It helps soothe down there. 
  2. Make your own pads. Not literally. But I took pads, misted them with water and witch hazel and froze them. They are great for the first couple of recovery days. 
  3. Take stool softener. I know it sounds a little gross but you will be wishing you had if you didn't. I started taking it a long with Tylenol right after I gave birth. 


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    1. Hey girl, I actually got mine from walmart. So people love the bamboo wrap ones but they are a little pricey. Any store that sells undergarments will most likely carry them. Good luck if you have anymore questions let me know(: