Thursday, February 6, 2014

How to deal with your post partum body

So your pregnant, standing in line at the grocery store and look over to see a couple magazines. The front covers all have pictures of a celebrity who just had a baby and has her pre- baby body back. Im going to tell you. It doesnt happen over night. No matter what any one says

I weighed around 115 lbs when I got pregnant with my son. I did not gain any weight until I was 6 months pregnant, but thats when it started. I ate healthy, not worse than I had before pregnancy. My weight I delievered was 158 lbs. Yes you read that right.

I remember coming home after I had my son, and my little sister in law ( she is 9) said " Why are you still fat ". I love her, but at that moment in time I wanted to through her in a deep, deep, deep pit.

I have always been 'small' and 'petite' and I had no idea how to deal with any of it. But I learned and I got over it, and now I am a couple lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight

These are somethings that I had to realize, and do to cope with my body

  • I gave birth to a precious baby. Not a marshmallow, or small pillow or anything light and small. I have the right to be this big!!! Hahah well for a little bit. Pregnancy and labor is work, so you have to have the right close on. After that it's going to take some time to take off the clothes but you can do it. 
  • It took 9 long months to gain that weight, it will take 9 months to loose it. We'll it took me that long hahah
  • Be open with your spouse. I tried to hide and cover my body from him.  I didn't want him to see my fat roll, or my stretch marks. How could he love this hideous body? Well when I finally opened up, I found out he did. Your husbands will help you, encourage you, and give you the confidence you need. 
  • Your married, and have a child. You DO NOT have to have the exact same body you had. Your not impressing other men, only your husband. Talk to him and see what he thinks about your body. 
  • Do not try on your pre-pregnancy clothes. It's truly depressing. Just keep them away for a few months and you'll fit them again 
Some women do not have any problems after having children. I have a couple of friends that pop out babies and in the next week that look AWESOME. 

One thing I swear by is putting a girdle on right after birth. It helped my skin shrink back, and my tummy stay tone. Plus it helps with your confidence the first couple of weeks

Love you body. No matter how big, tall, wide , stretched, or torn they are. It will not matter when you look back. Labor is our job. Women up and get over it (; hahah

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