Sunday, February 2, 2014

It starts from here....

Hi, Hello, Welcome, Shalom,
My names is Jess Holden. I'm a mom to a precious son, a wife to a glorious man, and a women trying to find and form her opinions on this world.  I love The Lord and thank him for my beautiful family

I have been debating on the idea of starting a blog since my pregnancy. I found my self daily on the internet searching other women's opinions and views on different things from cloth diapers, to how to make modest clothing pleasing to the eye.

I finally built the courage up today to get the ball rolling. I want to be a help to the first time mom. I want to be there for the wife who thinks her marriage is on the rocks. I want to explain why I believe the way I do. I want to show how loving and gracious are God is.

With my son being young and a busy wife, I plan on posting as much as I can granted the circumstances. Who knows how far this thing will go , but I'm ready for the journey.

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