Saturday, March 29, 2014


So with jases birth I went for the medicated highway. I never even thought of going all natural. How barbarian right ? Haha that's what I thought. But God has been working on my heart. 

When I became pregnant a couple months ago, I did miscarriage, but God got my little mind a going. I started to ponder in my head the thought of natural birth. But I didn't tell NO ONE. I mean no one. A couple days after losing the baby Chris approached me and said " I don't think you should get an epidural next time ". 

My heart stopped. If you knew my husband. He just doesn't care about that. How could he have known tht this was in my heart. I automatically poured out my heart to him about what God was doing to my heart. 

So here is the shocker, I have vowed to myself that out next baby I will pray, seek God to have a natural birth. No medicine. My tummy hurts just saying it. Haha. But I know this is what God wants. 

If you have any questions why I think it's biblical to not have a medicated birth. Just ask ?  I do t want to go into just to have people go against it. But I would love to express to you why!!!

Also something I want to work in is being more adamit with breastfeeding. Yes I breast fed.  Yes I loved it. I breast fed jase till 8 months. I loved every minute of it. Although I didn't always love it hahah. I would like to enjoy it more and go a little bit longer next time. God willing. Personally I feel like breastfeeding is biblical. Once again I do t want to go into it unless you want me to. I don't mind at all but for argue sake I'm not going to express my opinion until asked (: 

So I just want to encourage my readers to keep me accountable to my decision and help me through it. In return I would love to answer your questions on birth, labor , breast feeding , anything you want(:

Seriously though hiw cute is this. With all this serious talk I needed to lighten up the mood. Jase gets tired sometimes and he wants to play so bad he stands up and lays his head down. He is so crazy !!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Speak up

I haven't posted in a while mainly because I feel like I have been so overwhelmed with things I have to get finished. Sheesh. I feel like a robot stick in over drive. 
On a side note. This is jase. He has decided it's his new favorite activity to climb up his walker

Today at out second stop at the hospital to visit someone I finally got my devotion in. Sometimes I just have to stop and take a minute to get some good God stuff. If you know what I mean. 

Today I just want to talk about couples in the ministry. If you and your spouse are not in the ministry then this may help you I'm not sure. But it's mainly focused on relationships in the ministry. 

I hope none of my church members are reading this. Haha. Lol. Just kidding. I love all my church family. I'm just going to me honest. I love my husband and the works God has called him to do. I'm amazed at the strength He gives us daily. BUT sometimes I feel like my husband has literally been kidnapped. Especially recently. My husband is a man of his word. Which is a good thing but sometimes it's harsh. He promises everybody something and then he has 7383737 promise sansei am stressed beyond measure. 

As a mother it's hard sometimes. I know it's my God given jobto take care of the house and the children but sometimes it's overwhelming. I get tired and stressed and feel like nothing is going my way

I'll stop there and say a lot of women who husbands are in the ministry feel this way. We'll thrones I have talked to. The understand that there husbands are called and this is the life they have to live, so they suck it up and never say anything and over time the stress just builds and builds till you have an Empire State Building of stress. Which is wrong 

I want to stop and say before you get they pressured and when you get to the point of 'sucking it up' you need to talk to your husband. He most likely has no idea you feel that way and he will most likely will try to help fix it. 

Personally when I tell my husband this instead of him being mean and saying" this is my job, and that is yours. Suck it up "  He usually says sorry and makes it known he had no idea I felt that way. He may even watch jase so I can go get an iced coffee. 

I feel like if more wife's were more vocal to there husbands a lot less families would be falling out of the ministry. But who am I ?? Right. I just want to encourage all mommys and wives married to a called man of God to be vocal with your husband and tell him how you feel (: 

Monday, March 17, 2014

God has been so amazing these past couple of weeks. I have went through some things but praise The Lord for granting me patience and understanding. I have took on teaching a Wednesday night kids class at our church. When I took over the class I quickly noticed the children had no memorization of scripture. 

If you have ever seen any child quote scripture you have seen a blessing. I'm telling you to see such a pure soul speak words of wisdom and guidance is unreal. So any who I have been stressing to my class the importance of memorizing scripture, and maybe a little bribing(; but we are making progress. This week I made them learn 2 Kings 19:19. So far I know three have got it down. Which is awesome !!!

So I want to stop and tell you how I have started to slowly getting my children involved. 

First I get every child to read the verse. If I don't have enough time I get a couple to read it. Usually the " Wild" ones haha. This gets everyone involved and ready to go. 

I then teach my lesson and at the end quote the verse. Then I give the kids time to read over it there selfs. I then tell them to stop and ask who is ready. 

I first pick a "checker" and get the first soul to step forward. As the first one bravely says there verse, they most likely bobble over a word. The checker follows along while the quote it when they pause to long, or mess up they say STOP. And the checker reads the verse correctly

So basically I try to get the kids to say the verse as many times as they can. Doing this helps them not to just regurjatate the verse but memorize it. 

If no one is able to memorize it I send them home when papers of the verse and give them some incentive to know it next week. 

This is the technique I use I find it works the best for my specific age group. Eventually I hope to get my class ready to quote a whole chapter. Which I have total faith in them to do !!!

Writing this I get so excite for Wednesday night service. Do you have any techniques? Does this work for you ?? Comment below !!

Friday, March 14, 2014


To all my couponers out there I want to let y'all know about a shampoo deal I am doing and if you have been buying your papers you should be able to get it !!! 

So the coupon you need is in the march p&g. ( The p&g comes out the beginning of every month and expires the end of that month. ) It is the 2.00 off one Vidal Sassoon product. This is shampoo and conditioner. 

At dollar general or family dollar the small bottle is in sale for $2.00. Which means with the coupon your shampoo and conditioner will be complimentary or FREEE!!! I mean how easy is that. Seriously you can do it. 
^^^^ This is the coupon you need to do the deal!!  ^^^^^^

So if you don't have a family dollar or dollar general around you they have the same smaller bottle at wal-mart I believe for $2.47 which means you would only pay .47 per shampoo or conditioner. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sweet Summer Time

Ladies and Gentlemen Summer is right around the corner!!! Praise The Lord. I can not wait to finally get out of this house and start swimming and grilling out. With the talk of summer, the talk of swimwear has to be brought up.

The other day I was talking with someone and she had asked what our family wears to go swimming. I kindly explained. Then she commented back with, "I almost would be embarassed to go with yall" I laughed. I just thought it was funny she was being serious. A Lot of people now a days are so caught up in the views of this world they dont even realize how bad something is.

I understand people have different views on how they can portray modesty, but to me a bikini can and will not ever be considered modest. Have I wore a bikini in the past? Yes, an I thought I was hot stuff let me tell you. If I could take it back I would. With that being said Ill tell you what I wear to go swimming, and places I find stuff.

So basically when I go swimming I try to cover up the parts that most women tend to 'Let hang out'. I usually wear a swim skirt, which can be pricey, or a pair of board shorts. Usually boys because its pretty hard to find girl swim shorts.
Click Here to Buy & See Shorts

As far as tops I wear a bathing suit top, usually a tankini with a swim shirt over the top. When I say swim shirt I mean a dry-fit shirt, or rash guard something a long the sort.
Click Here to Buy
Now these are not specifically what I have, so as far as the shirt I will try to buy about a size or two bigger just so its not so tight and form fitting.

So thats one way I try to stay modest swimming. But I recentley just came across a awesome website on Pinterest. One of my friends actually had pinned it. Its a company that makes swim dresses that are a little more appealing to the eye. A Little more cuter and dainty I guess. I just showed Chris and told him I wanted one for summer, but these dresses do run on the expensive end, but sometimes things like these are worth the investment.
The Dainty Jewells Website

There are other swimwear sites that base there products in modesty, such as

Just to name a few. So thats the way our family does it, have an opinion let me know below!!!! Any questions feel free to as (:

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A real Virtuous women

So since I started my blog my husband has been on my case about a true virtuous women. Recently the topic has been brough up in our house. Today my husband was listening to a message on Proverbs, and what do you know. It was about a virtuous women. 
So not related to this. But isn't my little buddy so stinking cute !!

I want to stop and say. I have yet to meet a women like the bible talks about to be virtuous. Isn't that sad ? So your proababley saying well my granny was such a good mother and house wife. I bet not like the bible talks about. I'm not saying they don't exist but I am saying if they do , they are an endagered species. Fo real. 

So the whole point of this is too stress how the world has changed a women's role in society. So when as I carry on please have an open heart. And remember these are not my opinions but the bibles facts. Am I a virtuous women? I strive to be but I promise I am no where close.  

So first. The world has a perception that women and mens decisions within there house is 50/50. Which up to know I was thinking okay this sounds right. But if we study it out women have the say over children, but the husband has the say over the whole house. I'm not saying communication should not be made , but biblically the man has the decision to make. So saying that, how far is the world from this ? 

Second, I think I'm stressed , let's talk about a virtuous women? Seriously. She woke up at midnight to fill the lamps. If I get some sleep intake advantage of it. She was a loyal wife. Her husband never had to worry about fidelity when he was away. She would travel for food just so her family would have the best, and new food. She never complained. She would sew all her families clothes, and would sell others to make money to buy land and make her own garden. I want to stop and applaud a women like this. 

I strive to be a women of virtue, but I am so far away even in effort to succeed. Think of the world. I just want to encourage women out there that are trying to live right in this corrupt land. Stand I. Your faith, submit in your marriage and follow Gods word (: Don't fall into this worlds trap.  What do y'all think ? Are you a virtuous women ?

Monday, March 10, 2014

Things you need to know about newborns

So one of my dear friends is having twins. I have not been blessed with twins but I was a first time mommy and I know the struggles I went through. I didn't have family around really when I had jase so I had no one really to tell me what to expect. But here are some things that I learned about baby jase withing the first week. 

Your going to be sore. No matter how many kegals you do or how easy labor is it's going to happen. It's okay. Have medicine on hand and take it is. 

Learn how to say okay. When I had jase I had a mind 'thing' I didn't want anyone to help or bring me food but when I did say yes it was awesome. If someone offers help take. If you are a pastors wife I feel like it's hard to take help. Mainly because everyone looks at you as a rock. As much as I would like to think I am. I'm not so embrace the help 

Stick to it. Breast feeding is tough but keep with it. Once you get past the first month it will come easy I promise. 

If it hurts, seek help. Breastfeeding should never hurt. If it does check there latch or consult a lactation specialist. 

You can't spoil a newborn. No matter what those old women at church say. It's not possible. They need your undivided attention. Embrace the time with your little miracle. 

Buy everything you can second hand. So I never really thought about buying second hand when I was pregnant. But it's an awesome idea. Half the stuff you buy , you most likely will not use. 

You don't need everything. Baby registries make everyone believe that you need all these little nick necks and you don't. I promise. 

Your baby will proababley end up in your bed. This is my experience. Feeding jase ever 45 minutes was so tiring it was just easier with him in bed with me. 

Don't listen to the books. I read everything I could while pregnant and no baby is the baby they talk about it those books. It's okay though. Jase woke up every 45 minutes the first month and a half. At least. It's okay though God will give you strength. Things you think you could never do just happen. 

It comes natural. This is a little embarrassing I guess. But before jase I had never held a baby really or been around a newborn. I was so scared no matter what I say. But when your little baby gets here everything just comes naturally it will be okay. 

Doctors are not always right. Okay use common sense here people. I'm not saying there always wrong but you know your child. If you think it's better for them, then do it. 

Breathe. No matter how stressed you get you just brought a little miracle into the world. The laundry may get backed up, the dishes may not get washed. It will be okay. All mommys have been there. God is a God of possibilities he gives you strength in times it seems impossible to go on. Praise Him and take a breathe. Your going to be an awesome mommy!!!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The joys of parenthood.

So all I can say is I'm exhausted. These past couple of days have been absolutely exhausting for our family. 

We just got back from my nephews party and let me tell you it was a splash(: so I have never really watched the show until T's birthday party, but his theme was bubble guppies and it was so cute !!! I tried to help with food and decorating and that in itself was a chore but I was blessed to spend time with my family. I love spending time with my nephews it one of the reasons I wanted to have so many kids (: 

But any who us thought I would share some if the things we made for the party. I will for warn you these are not the best picture quality. Hahah

So these are the under water pretzels. Which I think turned out awesome. So easy. Want a tutorial?? Comment below 

So I have a couple more pictures but looking at them they do not do the whole party justice !! It was awesome (: 

But the point of this post was for me to tell y'all the funniest/cutest story that happened today. 

Today as been so busy we had a senior citzen trip for our church today to a civil war reinactment which was Awesome btw. Haha. Which was an hour there and back so needless to say jase was SOOOOOOO tired. Then when get home I cooked dinner and had to clean our church. 

I love cleaning the church but I have been so tired. Did I mention I have been drug ever which way this week? Haha. So after cleaning the church I come home and me and jase are just sitting in the hallway. 

We literally just say there looking at eachother for a good couple of minutes 

Okay here comes the cute part !!! Jase sees his bottle and crawls to it and starts drinking. I look up from my tired daze and jase is sitting straight up, drinking his bottle , and falling to sleep. It was so cute. I mean I jut had to smile and it really made my heart warm because it was so cute. 

I scooped him up and rocked him to sleep. It just reminded me no matter how fast we get going in this word and busy you just have to take a break sometimes and spend time with your children it husband because at the end of the day it doesn't matter if the floor is vacuumed or floors mopped but if your family is together. You got it all(: 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Suck it in!!!

So I recently had some questions about the girdle after birth so I thought I would expand on the subject. 

So up till I became pregnant I thought girdles were for grandmas. No offense grandmas. Lol but I read a couple articles hiw moms used girdles after birth to help tighten skin. 

Basically you wear a girdle right after birth and it helps the skin tighten and go back to normal. I did this after jase, and I believe it worked. If it didn't it at least gave me confidence haha. 

If you didn't start wearing the girdle right after birth I believe there is still hope. Mainly because skin is skin and it will stay there until it's messed with hah. 

I used a snap up girdle, mainly because it was the cheapest. I purchased mine from walmart. Mine started at my hips and went to the top of my ribs. Some women prefer the wrap around kind with Velcro but they are a little more pricey. 

I started wearing mine about 2 days out of the hospital and I could start to tell a little sufferance after the first week. I also breast fed which may have helped the process. 

This is the type of girdle I used. Sorry for such the raunchy picture!! 

Things that will help you get back to your normal body type:

Wearing a girdle the first couple if weeks

Breast feeding

Drinking water

Eating good healthy food. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Things that you need in baby's medicine cabinet !!

So I was laying down after getting jase to sleep one night and found this article 

So I was reading it and thought to myself, who really needs all that so I thought I would make my own medicine cabinet list for jase. Now these are things we use and remember I'm frugal. If you want to can over the big bucks. Go for it. 

1.) Fever reducer

A.K.A. Tylenol or Ibuprofen. I'm not a name brand person so the walmart or store brand will be just fine. This is good to have to help with fevers, teething pain, and over problems that arise. Don't forget NO IBUPROFEN for babies younger than 6 months 

2.) Benadryl 

So this is a life saver. Especially right now when jase has a little cold nd is teething. Not to help him sleep lol but to dry up that runny nose. I think I was played to use this at 4 months it may have been 6 I'm not sure. 

3.) Gas drops

Has drops are made out of natural ingredients so it's almost impossible to overdose on them. These are great for those tiny tummy aches the first couple of months.  Once again I go cheap and by the store brand. 

4.) Diaper rash cream. 

So I am a little brand specific here maybe because I have never had to buy any because I usually get prescription. I use destin. The blue kind. It works great. Jase usually gets yeast infections and we have a prescription for nystatin. 

5.) Booger getter. 

So I'm pretty sure there is a better name for this, maybe an aspirator. Haha. This is nice to use when your child is still new and wiping there tiny noses is hard. I got two from the hospital which I hear are the best ones, so don't forget to grab yours. 

6.) Thermometer. 

So any one will work. I as of right now have a pink one because that was the only one walmart had at the time. Some people swear by the temple one, which we also have and it works but is a little hard when jase is being stubborn. If you don't get a 'nice' one at your baby shower don't sweat they all work. 

7.) Baby shampoo & soap

So we have always used Johnson & Johnson or aveeno which we love. Any type would probably be okay as long as it doesn't brake out your child. Also lotion is good to have especially for newborns when they are peeling there skin. Didn't know baby's peel. They do. Just like snakes haha

8.) Nail coppers. 

I have a baby pair which can in a medicine kit, but I don't think it would matter what brand. Actually when jase was first born I just used a baby fingernail file or peeled them. I was just so scared if cutting him. 

9.) Toothbrush. 

So this is needed until they get teeth. Which jase was almost born with haha. I have a finger brush that slides unto my finger which he likes, but quit frankly he usually ends up with an adult tooth brush because he is fascinated with it. Once again a cheap child's tooth brush will work. Just make sure if toothpaste is used make sure it is safe for them. 

So these are the 9 things jase seems to use it have used most often and really the only things you need hah. 

Some things they had in there list I didn't agree with is first those expensive boogie wipes. A wet wipe will work just fine at wiping little noses. Don't spend the extra. 

Saline spray. If your newborn is really congested this actually may be needed but praise The Lord jase never needed this. Saline wipes where on the list as well. I think these are pointless just like the boogie wipes. 

Gum massager. Some people may really like these but these really didn't work. Jase didn't like them and after the first tooth it's hard to use. Give them aomething to chew on and be done. 

Orajel. I'm sure I will get some very mixed opinions I just think this is pointless. It only works for a little while, and is expensive for a couple minutes of relief. Also it's hard to apply with a wigglelay baby.nao you run the chance if numbing there tongue and cheecks. I hate taking medicine when not needed so that's my opinion with this as well!!!

So that's what you will find in the Holden babies medicine cabinet. Any products you swear by, or things you bypass. Comment and let me know !!!

Now on Facebook(:

So I was trying to think of ways that I could get my blog out, because I truly want to help mothers and women more than anything. So I made a Facebook for my blog.

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Usually I'm against social networking, just due to the fact of people abusing the sites but I know a lot of people have been asking. So I finally did it !!!

I also have a Pinterest and Instagram but those are personal accounts. But I would be more than willing to share those accounts with you because like I said I care (:

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Share the sites if you like, but once again I don't care how many people look I really just care about helping people with there problems !!! I have a huge heart when it comes to my Labor and marriage and truly any other expierence people go through. I would love to hear your stories, and opinions. Most importantley I would love to hear what yall would like to see on my blog.So Comment on any page and let me know!!

Since I have no cool pictures for this post I thought an old wedding picture may help lighten
up the mood(: