Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mommy time

So my husband was preaching this morning and this great idea hit me. Yes sometimes my mind wonders a little. Lol. But I do listen just get side tracked sometimes hahah. Chris was talking about the power of prayer and how important it is to have an individual prayer life, and study life

Seriously how I feel sometimes !!!!

As a mom I know how stinking hard it is to have time to go to the bathroom, much longer sit down to read your bible or pray. But you have to make the commitment. 

After me and Jase get up for the day and he takes his first nap, that is when I usually read and pray. If I haven't got my house work done by then I may wait till his second nap but usually only if we get a late start if you keep saying " ill do it later" it will never get done. I promise. 

Where to start. Good question 
Our schedule is super hectic sometimes and usually never th same but for the most days this is what I do. 

Once Jase gets a sleep I either sit on my couch or dining room table. 
Do not sit somewhere super comfy. You'll get tired and think you can't read. 

I usually read around 3 chapters. 
Reading around 3 chapters daily will get you through the bible pretty quick. If you have something that work better for you , awesome!

After I read I pray
I suggest bringing your prayer list home from church and praying then, don't forget those missionaries. 

It's so important to stay devoted to God as a mother. It's hard. I will be the first to admit but it's necessary for your walk with The Lord. Also once your child gets old enough to realize what your doing what a example and witness you will be. 

Mommy and God time is super important !!! If your struggling with this I would suggest expressing this to your spouse. Sometimes when I feel I just need to pray Chris is more than happy to watch Jase for a little. 

Don't start to big. Saying your going to read 5 chapters a day may burn you out. 

MOST IMPORTANTLY. GIVE IT TO GOD. You will surely fail if you don't. 

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