Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How to love your child.

Some days seem so busy, it's ridiculous. I'm cleaning this, feeding Jase, have to wash this, then do that. Some times it's an overload and I get stressed. Then Jase desides it's the perfect time to throw a fit, so my anger and frustration gets thrown own to him. STOPPPPPP
I have to stop my self and realize he is a child, so innocent and pure. If I have to stop everything and care for him, it will be okay. Here are 5 steps to show love toward your child in difficult times. 

1.) Stop, realize the situation, then act: When I'm needing to get things done and this happens I just have to stop. Take a breather, if he is crying, let him cry for a second and realize what I'm going to do. This helps me calm down a little and helps when I approach him.  If there are dishes to wash, they will be there in a hour, clothes to fold, I promise they will not disappear ( even though that would be nice lol. 

2.) Give them complete attention: There children, not a grown person, they need unconditional love. I'm grown and still need it. If you have to walk out side to get them calmed down, DO IT!!! If you have to sit on the floor and pretend to race, which I find my self doing daily, DO IT. Forget everything else and focus on your child. Not your tv show, or your phone, or a good book. 

3.) Fix there problem: If they act like there hungry, but you just fed them, feed him again they might be growing. If they can't get there toy out of the toy box, show them a funny way to get it out. If they are lonely, then be there friend. There is obviously something they want so help them out. Many parents forget that a child watches you all day long, they will pick up on what you do, so be energetic and funny, not aggregated and grumpy. 

4.) Never let them see defeat: If there still fussing and you just don't know what to do, don't show defeat. Breathe in and out and realize it's okay. God blessed you with a beautiful child, and he would never give you something you couldn't handle. I know your tired, and worn out, and haven't taken a good shower in days but it's going to be fine, they don't know that. If you seem frustrated with them they will be frustrated with you. You get what you give in a sense. 

5.) Solve the problem with love: No matter the outcome, love is the solution. If your child is over due for a nap and needs to sleep, then lay him down and leave the room. Granted I don't mean for a new born, but for example my son. If I know he needs a nap, I feed him and lay him down for an hour. If he gets up and cries before then I let him cry. Sometimes showing love is not always happy, but in reinforcement and routine. I wouldn't love my son if I didn't want what was best for him. So if your child needs something they don't like, it's okay do it anyways

These are things I use. They may not work for everyone, but they work for us. Some parents might not agree, but we do. So next time you still have your pajamas on at 3:00, haven't laid out dinner, still haven't mad the bed, and have friends coming over in an hour ,embrace the moments you have with your child no matter the circumstances. 

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  1. Okay so I wanted to leave a comment on the blog but then you had to make an account & I just didn't want to do that .. Sooooo! I have to say I love the one about ways to love your child, honestly Averie is getting bigger so it means she needs more from me. & sometimes it's overwhelming, especially when you're running late and you have to still pack a diaper bag and all they want to do is scream.. I find myself driving down the road crying right along with her lol. But I love the advice and I'm glad to know it's not just me. You're doing a great job on your blog , and from what I can tell a great job as a mom(: