Monday, February 10, 2014

How to be a submissive wife.

Me and my husband were talking after church, really just thanking God that we have each other. Also that we have a Christ like relationship, that I submit and he leads us. 

I find so many times that when you say that wives should submit, women get aggressive and angry. 

Submission does not mean being talked down too, or abused verbally or physically. It simply means obeying your husband. Your husband should show love in all his discussions, no matter what. 

Is it hard to be submissive? DUH!! We'll it is for me. I find myself wanting to snap back at something, or thinking " is he really making the right choice ?" But then I get convicted and realize my husband loves me and wants to lead me I. The right way. 

I was talking to a lady, who honestly is not very submitful and does many jobs I believe that are for my husband. She said that they had got saved after marriage and had already established routines and jobs for one another. My comment in that. Change!!!

It is never to late to give it to God and change your marriage. If you work, but your husband wants you to stay home, pray for a tender heart, and go with it. 

People have to much pride, like they can take care of there family without a husband. Which I am not saying is impossible, but why try when you have a husband who is wiling.  

If your husband is saved, and a follower of Christ, he should love you like Christ loves the church. Do you think Christ would intentionally lead you a stray? No. We'll neither will your husband. 

Love. Love. Love. Did I say love? Live your husband, and submission will come hand in hand. 

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