Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Jase is turning one !!

So I can't believe jase is going to turn one year old in less than 4 months !!!

I know I'm a little ahead if the game , but I am starting to plan for his first birthday party!!

It's a little crazy but we are going to go all out. Why? He is only turning 1?? Because I want too!!!!! Right now I'm trying to decide what theme I should choose for his party right now these are the things I'm thinking..

Mickey Mouse. ( we are Disney fanatics )
Vegitales ( Chris is insisting )
General 'one' theme

That's a lot of categories. Right??  I know I can't think of any thing else. It's hard to pick something for a one year old, they really don't like anything.  So I think I have found a way to find a theme.

You must realize you have to decorate for it. Don't pick something that is going to be to hard to decorate for or something no body will get. The worst thing is people saying , why did you pick that ??

How big do you want to go? Know how many people you want to be at the party. Just family? Inviting everyone in the neighborhood? 

How much do you want to spend ? I would love to do vegitales for jase' party but I'm afraid it's going to get to expensive. I don't think it would be easy to do DIY things for that theme. 

I think there are any things a parent must consider while planning a party. What was your child's theme ??  Are you crazy psycho like me about planning?? Hahah

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