Saturday, February 15, 2014

Homemade baby snacks

So tonight I was brave a made Jase some homemade baby treats!!! Which he loved. I found this recipe on Pinterest, but screen shot the recipe and can not find where I found it. 

I did not make this recipe 

If I by chance find the blog where I got this idea, I will create them 

So my son is 8 months and these are perfect for him, and super easy!!!

Cheerios ( I got the regular brand, you could buy any brand you want)
Yogurt ( I used strawberry banana )

You'll need a cookie sheet, and a freezer. But I'm sure you have them on hand. 

So 1st I started by poring Cheerios on a baking sheet. I tried to only have one layer. You don't have to do this but I wanted to make sure every Cheerios was layered with yogurt 

I poured the yogurt on. Now I do not like yogurt so I was thinking I could just poor it on, but that didn't work so good because it was thicker than I expected. So I spooned the yogurt in a couple of spots and then mixed it all together. 

Once I got them coated I placed them in the freezer to help it harden. And your done !!!  

Jase loved them and it beats buying a thing of puffs everyday. Haha. So I'm hoping I can find some more recipes for Jase. Do any of you have a recipe you love??? Let me know. 

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