Saturday, March 29, 2014


So with jases birth I went for the medicated highway. I never even thought of going all natural. How barbarian right ? Haha that's what I thought. But God has been working on my heart. 

When I became pregnant a couple months ago, I did miscarriage, but God got my little mind a going. I started to ponder in my head the thought of natural birth. But I didn't tell NO ONE. I mean no one. A couple days after losing the baby Chris approached me and said " I don't think you should get an epidural next time ". 

My heart stopped. If you knew my husband. He just doesn't care about that. How could he have known tht this was in my heart. I automatically poured out my heart to him about what God was doing to my heart. 

So here is the shocker, I have vowed to myself that out next baby I will pray, seek God to have a natural birth. No medicine. My tummy hurts just saying it. Haha. But I know this is what God wants. 

If you have any questions why I think it's biblical to not have a medicated birth. Just ask ?  I do t want to go into just to have people go against it. But I would love to express to you why!!!

Also something I want to work in is being more adamit with breastfeeding. Yes I breast fed.  Yes I loved it. I breast fed jase till 8 months. I loved every minute of it. Although I didn't always love it hahah. I would like to enjoy it more and go a little bit longer next time. God willing. Personally I feel like breastfeeding is biblical. Once again I do t want to go into it unless you want me to. I don't mind at all but for argue sake I'm not going to express my opinion until asked (: 

So I just want to encourage my readers to keep me accountable to my decision and help me through it. In return I would love to answer your questions on birth, labor , breast feeding , anything you want(:

Seriously though hiw cute is this. With all this serious talk I needed to lighten up the mood. Jase gets tired sometimes and he wants to play so bad he stands up and lays his head down. He is so crazy !!!

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