Monday, March 17, 2014

God has been so amazing these past couple of weeks. I have went through some things but praise The Lord for granting me patience and understanding. I have took on teaching a Wednesday night kids class at our church. When I took over the class I quickly noticed the children had no memorization of scripture. 

If you have ever seen any child quote scripture you have seen a blessing. I'm telling you to see such a pure soul speak words of wisdom and guidance is unreal. So any who I have been stressing to my class the importance of memorizing scripture, and maybe a little bribing(; but we are making progress. This week I made them learn 2 Kings 19:19. So far I know three have got it down. Which is awesome !!!

So I want to stop and tell you how I have started to slowly getting my children involved. 

First I get every child to read the verse. If I don't have enough time I get a couple to read it. Usually the " Wild" ones haha. This gets everyone involved and ready to go. 

I then teach my lesson and at the end quote the verse. Then I give the kids time to read over it there selfs. I then tell them to stop and ask who is ready. 

I first pick a "checker" and get the first soul to step forward. As the first one bravely says there verse, they most likely bobble over a word. The checker follows along while the quote it when they pause to long, or mess up they say STOP. And the checker reads the verse correctly

So basically I try to get the kids to say the verse as many times as they can. Doing this helps them not to just regurjatate the verse but memorize it. 

If no one is able to memorize it I send them home when papers of the verse and give them some incentive to know it next week. 

This is the technique I use I find it works the best for my specific age group. Eventually I hope to get my class ready to quote a whole chapter. Which I have total faith in them to do !!!

Writing this I get so excite for Wednesday night service. Do you have any techniques? Does this work for you ?? Comment below !!

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