Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Speak up

I haven't posted in a while mainly because I feel like I have been so overwhelmed with things I have to get finished. Sheesh. I feel like a robot stick in over drive. 
On a side note. This is jase. He has decided it's his new favorite activity to climb up his walker

Today at out second stop at the hospital to visit someone I finally got my devotion in. Sometimes I just have to stop and take a minute to get some good God stuff. If you know what I mean. 

Today I just want to talk about couples in the ministry. If you and your spouse are not in the ministry then this may help you I'm not sure. But it's mainly focused on relationships in the ministry. 

I hope none of my church members are reading this. Haha. Lol. Just kidding. I love all my church family. I'm just going to me honest. I love my husband and the works God has called him to do. I'm amazed at the strength He gives us daily. BUT sometimes I feel like my husband has literally been kidnapped. Especially recently. My husband is a man of his word. Which is a good thing but sometimes it's harsh. He promises everybody something and then he has 7383737 promise sansei am stressed beyond measure. 

As a mother it's hard sometimes. I know it's my God given jobto take care of the house and the children but sometimes it's overwhelming. I get tired and stressed and feel like nothing is going my way

I'll stop there and say a lot of women who husbands are in the ministry feel this way. We'll thrones I have talked to. The understand that there husbands are called and this is the life they have to live, so they suck it up and never say anything and over time the stress just builds and builds till you have an Empire State Building of stress. Which is wrong 

I want to stop and say before you get they pressured and when you get to the point of 'sucking it up' you need to talk to your husband. He most likely has no idea you feel that way and he will most likely will try to help fix it. 

Personally when I tell my husband this instead of him being mean and saying" this is my job, and that is yours. Suck it up "  He usually says sorry and makes it known he had no idea I felt that way. He may even watch jase so I can go get an iced coffee. 

I feel like if more wife's were more vocal to there husbands a lot less families would be falling out of the ministry. But who am I ?? Right. I just want to encourage all mommys and wives married to a called man of God to be vocal with your husband and tell him how you feel (: 

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