Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A real Virtuous women

So since I started my blog my husband has been on my case about a true virtuous women. Recently the topic has been brough up in our house. Today my husband was listening to a message on Proverbs, and what do you know. It was about a virtuous women. 
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I want to stop and say. I have yet to meet a women like the bible talks about to be virtuous. Isn't that sad ? So your proababley saying well my granny was such a good mother and house wife. I bet not like the bible talks about. I'm not saying they don't exist but I am saying if they do , they are an endagered species. Fo real. 

So the whole point of this is too stress how the world has changed a women's role in society. So when as I carry on please have an open heart. And remember these are not my opinions but the bibles facts. Am I a virtuous women? I strive to be but I promise I am no where close.  

So first. The world has a perception that women and mens decisions within there house is 50/50. Which up to know I was thinking okay this sounds right. But if we study it out women have the say over children, but the husband has the say over the whole house. I'm not saying communication should not be made , but biblically the man has the decision to make. So saying that, how far is the world from this ? 

Second, I think I'm stressed , let's talk about a virtuous women? Seriously. She woke up at midnight to fill the lamps. If I get some sleep intake advantage of it. She was a loyal wife. Her husband never had to worry about fidelity when he was away. She would travel for food just so her family would have the best, and new food. She never complained. She would sew all her families clothes, and would sell others to make money to buy land and make her own garden. I want to stop and applaud a women like this. 

I strive to be a women of virtue, but I am so far away even in effort to succeed. Think of the world. I just want to encourage women out there that are trying to live right in this corrupt land. Stand I. Your faith, submit in your marriage and follow Gods word (: Don't fall into this worlds trap.  What do y'all think ? Are you a virtuous women ?

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