Friday, March 14, 2014


To all my couponers out there I want to let y'all know about a shampoo deal I am doing and if you have been buying your papers you should be able to get it !!! 

So the coupon you need is in the march p&g. ( The p&g comes out the beginning of every month and expires the end of that month. ) It is the 2.00 off one Vidal Sassoon product. This is shampoo and conditioner. 

At dollar general or family dollar the small bottle is in sale for $2.00. Which means with the coupon your shampoo and conditioner will be complimentary or FREEE!!! I mean how easy is that. Seriously you can do it. 
^^^^ This is the coupon you need to do the deal!!  ^^^^^^

So if you don't have a family dollar or dollar general around you they have the same smaller bottle at wal-mart I believe for $2.47 which means you would only pay .47 per shampoo or conditioner. 

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