Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sweet Summer Time

Ladies and Gentlemen Summer is right around the corner!!! Praise The Lord. I can not wait to finally get out of this house and start swimming and grilling out. With the talk of summer, the talk of swimwear has to be brought up.

The other day I was talking with someone and she had asked what our family wears to go swimming. I kindly explained. Then she commented back with, "I almost would be embarassed to go with yall" I laughed. I just thought it was funny she was being serious. A Lot of people now a days are so caught up in the views of this world they dont even realize how bad something is.

I understand people have different views on how they can portray modesty, but to me a bikini can and will not ever be considered modest. Have I wore a bikini in the past? Yes, an I thought I was hot stuff let me tell you. If I could take it back I would. With that being said Ill tell you what I wear to go swimming, and places I find stuff.

So basically when I go swimming I try to cover up the parts that most women tend to 'Let hang out'. I usually wear a swim skirt, which can be pricey, or a pair of board shorts. Usually boys because its pretty hard to find girl swim shorts.
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As far as tops I wear a bathing suit top, usually a tankini with a swim shirt over the top. When I say swim shirt I mean a dry-fit shirt, or rash guard something a long the sort.
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Now these are not specifically what I have, so as far as the shirt I will try to buy about a size or two bigger just so its not so tight and form fitting.

So thats one way I try to stay modest swimming. But I recentley just came across a awesome website on Pinterest. One of my friends actually had pinned it. Its a company that makes swim dresses that are a little more appealing to the eye. A Little more cuter and dainty I guess. I just showed Chris and told him I wanted one for summer, but these dresses do run on the expensive end, but sometimes things like these are worth the investment.
The Dainty Jewells Website

There are other swimwear sites that base there products in modesty, such as

Just to name a few. So thats the way our family does it, have an opinion let me know below!!!! Any questions feel free to as (:

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