Tuesday, April 1, 2014


So recentley as you all know I miscarried a precious baby. It was hard but our family got through it. Well with our hearts set on getting pregnant again. It happened and we just learned that this baby has also went to a marvelous place called heaven. 

The past couple of days I have been bitter. Is it right. No. Do I have the right to be. No. God has a plan. But it's hard to stand strong in my faith. I have been questioning everything these past couple of days. And I need to admit that I am Wrong for doing that. Jesus was always talking about faith, I mean my husband preaches on it every Sunday but I feel like I have been lacking that trait this week. 

I just wanted to write to tell you all how careful to be around women who can not hav children or who have had trouble with pregnancies. Like is aid I have been bitter but God is truly convicting me of that and I'm finally seeing the light. Some women you may know might not have a relationship with my Lord and they may not be at peace. 

Things to advoid.....

Do not complain about the children God has blessed you with
I have done this. I will be the first to admit. It's wrong though. Baby Jase didn't sleep more than 2 hours till he was 8 months old. I was so tired and exhausted. But so e women are longing to be up all night with a child. Before you say things think about your problem as a blessing 

Do not abuse your privilege of being pregnant 
I always hear women complain about pregnancy. I'm so big. I am getting stretch marks. I just can't wait till I have my body back. God intended every women's body to go through pregnancy and it's a blessing. Many women may never experience it. Be thankful 

Don't say " It was or the best "
I kid you not this is what my dad said. I knew he didn't really mean it. We'll I really didn't know that. But it still hurt. I mean it hurt bad. But no matter what anyone says it's Gods plan 

Be sensitive toward people
I know it's just my emotions but I feel the past couple of days everyone had to talk about there babies. Or they have to tell me there pregnant. I am over joyed at babies but right now I'm just depressed and don't want to here it. You may not mean anything by it but remember what the other person is going through. 

Don't ask what happened it details
Some people ask we'll did they find out what happened. No. And If I did know I most likely couldn't tell you without breaking down. Once again people are just trying to comfort but women are in pain at times like these. Expect ally women that have no children. They think it is all there fault. 

At the end of the day I know I am blessed beyond measure. I have a beautiful baby boy. And if God doesn't bless me with any other children I know it will be okay because he already have me one miracle
Me Chris and baby jase will go on with our lives. One day at a time!!! But only through the power of our Lord and Savior , Jesus Christ (:

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