Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Things that you need in baby's medicine cabinet !!

So I was laying down after getting jase to sleep one night and found this article 


So I was reading it and thought to myself, who really needs all that so I thought I would make my own medicine cabinet list for jase. Now these are things we use and remember I'm frugal. If you want to can over the big bucks. Go for it. 

1.) Fever reducer

A.K.A. Tylenol or Ibuprofen. I'm not a name brand person so the walmart or store brand will be just fine. This is good to have to help with fevers, teething pain, and over problems that arise. Don't forget NO IBUPROFEN for babies younger than 6 months 

2.) Benadryl 

So this is a life saver. Especially right now when jase has a little cold nd is teething. Not to help him sleep lol but to dry up that runny nose. I think I was played to use this at 4 months it may have been 6 I'm not sure. 

3.) Gas drops

Has drops are made out of natural ingredients so it's almost impossible to overdose on them. These are great for those tiny tummy aches the first couple of months.  Once again I go cheap and by the store brand. 

4.) Diaper rash cream. 

So I am a little brand specific here maybe because I have never had to buy any because I usually get prescription. I use destin. The blue kind. It works great. Jase usually gets yeast infections and we have a prescription for nystatin. 

5.) Booger getter. 

So I'm pretty sure there is a better name for this, maybe an aspirator. Haha. This is nice to use when your child is still new and wiping there tiny noses is hard. I got two from the hospital which I hear are the best ones, so don't forget to grab yours. 

6.) Thermometer. 

So any one will work. I as of right now have a pink one because that was the only one walmart had at the time. Some people swear by the temple one, which we also have and it works but is a little hard when jase is being stubborn. If you don't get a 'nice' one at your baby shower don't sweat they all work. 

7.) Baby shampoo & soap

So we have always used Johnson & Johnson or aveeno which we love. Any type would probably be okay as long as it doesn't brake out your child. Also lotion is good to have especially for newborns when they are peeling there skin. Didn't know baby's peel. They do. Just like snakes haha

8.) Nail coppers. 

I have a baby pair which can in a medicine kit, but I don't think it would matter what brand. Actually when jase was first born I just used a baby fingernail file or peeled them. I was just so scared if cutting him. 

9.) Toothbrush. 

So this is needed until they get teeth. Which jase was almost born with haha. I have a finger brush that slides unto my finger which he likes, but quit frankly he usually ends up with an adult tooth brush because he is fascinated with it. Once again a cheap child's tooth brush will work. Just make sure if toothpaste is used make sure it is safe for them. 

So these are the 9 things jase seems to use it have used most often and really the only things you need hah. 

Some things they had in there list I didn't agree with is first those expensive boogie wipes. A wet wipe will work just fine at wiping little noses. Don't spend the extra. 

Saline spray. If your newborn is really congested this actually may be needed but praise The Lord jase never needed this. Saline wipes where on the list as well. I think these are pointless just like the boogie wipes. 

Gum massager. Some people may really like these but these really didn't work. Jase didn't like them and after the first tooth it's hard to use. Give them aomething to chew on and be done. 

Orajel. I'm sure I will get some very mixed opinions I just think this is pointless. It only works for a little while, and is expensive for a couple minutes of relief. Also it's hard to apply with a wigglelay baby.nao you run the chance if numbing there tongue and cheecks. I hate taking medicine when not needed so that's my opinion with this as well!!!

So that's what you will find in the Holden babies medicine cabinet. Any products you swear by, or things you bypass. Comment and let me know !!!

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