Monday, March 10, 2014

Things you need to know about newborns

So one of my dear friends is having twins. I have not been blessed with twins but I was a first time mommy and I know the struggles I went through. I didn't have family around really when I had jase so I had no one really to tell me what to expect. But here are some things that I learned about baby jase withing the first week. 

Your going to be sore. No matter how many kegals you do or how easy labor is it's going to happen. It's okay. Have medicine on hand and take it is. 

Learn how to say okay. When I had jase I had a mind 'thing' I didn't want anyone to help or bring me food but when I did say yes it was awesome. If someone offers help take. If you are a pastors wife I feel like it's hard to take help. Mainly because everyone looks at you as a rock. As much as I would like to think I am. I'm not so embrace the help 

Stick to it. Breast feeding is tough but keep with it. Once you get past the first month it will come easy I promise. 

If it hurts, seek help. Breastfeeding should never hurt. If it does check there latch or consult a lactation specialist. 

You can't spoil a newborn. No matter what those old women at church say. It's not possible. They need your undivided attention. Embrace the time with your little miracle. 

Buy everything you can second hand. So I never really thought about buying second hand when I was pregnant. But it's an awesome idea. Half the stuff you buy , you most likely will not use. 

You don't need everything. Baby registries make everyone believe that you need all these little nick necks and you don't. I promise. 

Your baby will proababley end up in your bed. This is my experience. Feeding jase ever 45 minutes was so tiring it was just easier with him in bed with me. 

Don't listen to the books. I read everything I could while pregnant and no baby is the baby they talk about it those books. It's okay though. Jase woke up every 45 minutes the first month and a half. At least. It's okay though God will give you strength. Things you think you could never do just happen. 

It comes natural. This is a little embarrassing I guess. But before jase I had never held a baby really or been around a newborn. I was so scared no matter what I say. But when your little baby gets here everything just comes naturally it will be okay. 

Doctors are not always right. Okay use common sense here people. I'm not saying there always wrong but you know your child. If you think it's better for them, then do it. 

Breathe. No matter how stressed you get you just brought a little miracle into the world. The laundry may get backed up, the dishes may not get washed. It will be okay. All mommys have been there. God is a God of possibilities he gives you strength in times it seems impossible to go on. Praise Him and take a breathe. Your going to be an awesome mommy!!!

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