Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Suck it in!!!

So I recently had some questions about the girdle after birth so I thought I would expand on the subject. 

So up till I became pregnant I thought girdles were for grandmas. No offense grandmas. Lol but I read a couple articles hiw moms used girdles after birth to help tighten skin. 

Basically you wear a girdle right after birth and it helps the skin tighten and go back to normal. I did this after jase, and I believe it worked. If it didn't it at least gave me confidence haha. 

If you didn't start wearing the girdle right after birth I believe there is still hope. Mainly because skin is skin and it will stay there until it's messed with hah. 

I used a snap up girdle, mainly because it was the cheapest. I purchased mine from walmart. Mine started at my hips and went to the top of my ribs. Some women prefer the wrap around kind with Velcro but they are a little more pricey. 

I started wearing mine about 2 days out of the hospital and I could start to tell a little sufferance after the first week. I also breast fed which may have helped the process. 

This is the type of girdle I used. Sorry for such the raunchy picture!! 

Things that will help you get back to your normal body type:

Wearing a girdle the first couple if weeks

Breast feeding

Drinking water

Eating good healthy food. 

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