Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Here comes the bride

So I have been contemplating on writing this post for a little while. But one of my friends who actually has her own blog, is getting married!!! So I said, hey!!! Let's write it 

So I had the best wedding, it was just what I wanted. I didn't spend $50,000, I didn't have everything traditional either it was perfect though.  But if I could change one thing it would be my dress. I loved the style of my dress and it was beautiful but not too modest. I regret it all the time. 

Ladies these are things you should think about when buying and trying on dresses. 

1. When my children look at pictures are they going to say " That was classy". I hope my kids think that. But they deff will not think I was modest. 

2. Is it modest. So obviously wedding dresses are sort of modest because they usually go to the grown. But the top, Not always ,which was my problem. I loved it when I bought it but not on my wedding. 

3. Will my husband love it. Okay all girls have a dream dress, but sometime there husbands have a different dream and that's okay. You should both talk about it , and meet somewhere in the middle. If I hadn't pushed my way so hard I probably would have had a more modest dress and be more pleased now. 

4.Dont break the bank. Obviously you want a beautiful dress. But after the wedding it will be put up never to see the sun again. You literally wear it for like 5 hours. So don't go spending your whole budget on a dress. The guests will remember your ceremony and reception more than your dress.

So to you friend, I wish you the best marriage. I hope it is God filled and carries on to the end of time. I pray that you find the perfect dress that pleases you and The Lord. That you have a perfect wedding and the joy carries into your marriage. 

And to those ladies with a ring on it out there seek God before seeking your dress. Find something that would be acceptable to Him, not to the worlds standards. 

To the ladies with no ring on it, seek The Lord. Find the qualities you want in a husband in your heart ,and bring it to The Lord. Pray that God sends you the perfect husband and be patient. 


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