Monday, April 14, 2014

Jesus in the garden

So I have not been blogging as much as I should. Our family has been so busy with the baseball coaching, and all the church events. Man our life is so crazy right now. Jase is napping so I just wanted to write what has been on my heart, and share some pictures of our sweet family for all those family members reading my blog out there.

So I was doing my devotion this morning which happens to be the study of Jesus in his last days on this earth. I was reading about when Jesus was in the garden praying, sweating tears of blood and He called on his disciples, 3 of them to pray with him. To all our disbelief, they slept. I find my self thinking how could they sleep. The man they have been following, who says He is the Christ is crying out to his father, and they are sleeping. Then it hit me, I fall asleep on Jesus too. So many times we put things of this word before praising our Lord.

I will be the first to admit I need to work on not falling asleep. Some times I get so busy and running late and I just see some one that I think God has put on my heart to witness too but Jase is crying and Im already late so I pass them by, or I hand them a track and say " Come to our church". Seriously. Writing this I want to hit delete but maybe it might help someone. I think this could all be stopped buy spending some quality time with God.  Dig deep in His word, spend time in prayer daily, seek his wisdom. When these things fall into place, God will work wonders in your life.

Well enough with my daily thoughts, and forward to sweet baby Jase.

So all these pictures were taken on the way to the baseball park, or actually at the park. Try not to die from cuteness. lol

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