Thursday, April 17, 2014

10 things you do know you need the first week with baby

So a 839263947 of my friends are pregnant with little precious babies. One is even having twins!! Which is awesome. So it got me thinking what could I write that could actually help them. Then it hit me the other day when I was cleaning out my bathroom cabinet and I found stool softener. Gross right ?? Just wait.

If you do not want to know the truth about after birth life. STOP READING. Some things may get a little personal but it's what needed to help. 

So first thing first. 
Stool softener. 
So this sounds a little gross but is awesome after having a baby. Basically you are sore and swollen, I mean you just had a baby so the last thing you want to do is bare down. Hahah. The softener helps everything go smoothly so no pain. Believe me,take it !!! Some hospitals give it right after birth. If not bring your own !! For real. 

Breast pads 
So if you plan on breast feeding, then you should know your going to need these puppies. Let me tell you. Your milk on tap will sometimes uhmm.... leak..... EVERYWHERE. So if you want to save your self the embarrassment of wet marks on your shirt get them!!!

Granny panties 
Okay I know it's a little weird but it is so true, you don't want to ruin all your good undies from all that after baby "stuff" so I would suggest buying some walmart dark undies till the post partum bleeding stops then switch back to your "pretty panties". Who wants to ruin those $30 VS???

Netflix (TV)
You always hear that you better get sleep when your pregnant because you will not get any when they get here. Well there is a little truth to that but newborns sleep all the time the first couple of days so a good netflix series comes in handy when wasting some time around the house. 

Food & water.
So you think it's common sense, but it's not. When your breastfeeding, at least for the first couple of months, you are extremely thirsty. I literally could drink a lake. It's crazy how women get so thirsty. Also you are always hungry. I mean your feeding another person which is hard work. I suggest always bringing granola bars or yogurt or crackers. Some kind of food or snack to hold you over will work great for on the go. 

Dry shampoo. 
Those first couple of weeks your time is stretched to the max. So getting a nice hot shower is pretty difficult ,so having some dry shampoo will ensure your 'do' is not one big grease ball. It will make you feel prettier. If that's possible hahah. 

I did not specifically use this a lot but I did use it a couple times and it worked great. Also I know friends that love it!! Basically breastfeeding makes your lady "milk spouts" hurt. Not to discourage anyone though. This help relieve the pain and carry on. 

Nursing bra. 
I never thought I would need one. I just figured I would make my regular bras work. It didn't work. I didn't buy the most expensive brand but I would really suggest getting a good nursing bra and a couple sports type nursing bra for the house. You will be so surprised how fast you will go through them. With all the leakage and the nasty smell you will be washing the fire out of them.

Theses are the things that I found a necessity when recovering in the first week after having Baby Jase. Some people may have thing thy loved that I have never used. I would love to hear what people have used and even if they didn't use these things.

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