Friday, August 8, 2014

How to raise a Godly child, in a atheist driven world

I was scrolling through some articles the other day and came across an article entitled " Why I'm raising my child atheist, in a God driven world" I was took back. No. I did not read it but I was just shocked by the title. 

First I want to know what world they live in that is God driven. I can only wish. But it did get me thinking how I raise Jase. I want to go ahead and say I'm not a perfect mother, I mess up, I do not discipline like I should, I'm to strict sometimes, I have break downs but this is my experience. 

1. Monitor what he sees. 
Yes my son is 1 but what you instil in them now is what sticks. We try as parents not to let Jase see or hear anything that would not please God. We try to only watch clean, family movies. Usually pure flix films. We also make sure he is not around vulgure language or alcohol. You would be so surprised what they take in. 

2. Know where he is. 
This is a little controversial but i do not leave jase with anyone. Our church does not have a nursery but when we visit other churches that have them available. If I let jase go in and play I always stay with him. There is a couple of occasions that I have let someone watch him for 30 mins while I council with some one but that's it and I know the person very welI, usually family. I want to make sure my child is safe. I have heard and know many people that have been victim to there children being abused or sexual assaulted. Which is terrible. I could never imagine the thought. This is a way me and my husband try to raise my child in this crazy atheist Godless world. 

3. Homeschooling 
I am not against public school. I'm against ideals and theories being pressed on my child. I'm against Christ being pulled away from school. I want to make sure that everything that my child takes part in, honors The Lord. I was public schooled my whole life. I have seen drugs being sold, I've had things pressed on me that I didn't want to do, I've seen things that no one should see. As a mother I never want that for my child. I believe public education can be effective sometimes, especially when a child has a special need. But as far as public education vs. homeschooling. Homeschooling wins every time. 

4. Dress 
Modesty is an issue for us. Many times it's focused on girls or womens but even for jase who is a boy modesty is something we instil to make sure we raise our child in a Godly way. I make sure jase always has the proper clothes on when swimming or out. To some it seems pointless but it teaches your child morals, from day one. It also makes a statement to the world that even my children honor The Lord 

5. Stand strong. 
It is so hard sometimes not to waver from things you have already decided I. When you are under pressure. If you want to teach your child or disicii e your child a certain way. Do not let this world tell you it is wrong, abuse, or stupid. God have us the bible and as far as I am concerned that is the only thing I am going to follow to raise my children. No book nor man can change my views. I can speak on this because I have been a victim to many times. I had decided not to vaccinate jase when he was born but after he was born I was talked in to it. If you and your husband make a decision on something stick to it. 

In today's society it is so hard to raise a Godly child. I mean it's hard to be a Godly person. As a parent  I bieleve in monitoring everything possible to make sure this world ( atheists) stay far from my son. People may disagree with me but i believe if God commands it, it should be a priority in your life 

Stay strong

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